What’s a Facet Joint Injection and How Can It Provide Pain Relief?

Neck and back pain is unilaterally experienced among people of all types, and unfortunately, it is all too common. At The Spine & Sports Health Center, we provide a variety of neck and back pain treatment options, and procedures, at our offices in Hoboken, Bayonne, and Jersey City, NJ. Patients come to The Spine & Sports Health Center to seek pain relief from our board-certified doctors and specialists, whether that pain relief be immediate, or long-term. One of … Read More

The Benefits of Receiving Chiropractic Care at The Spine & Sports Health Center

If you’re looking for a chiropractor near Jersey City, NJ, Bayonne, NJ, or Hoboken, NJ, look no further than the team here at The Spine & Sports Health Center. Our chiropractors will aid in improving your overall wellness, and most importantly improve the functionality of your spine and joints so that you can continue to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


About Our Team of Board Certified Chiropractors


Michael Kelly, D.C., and Neil Tropiano, D.C., currently lead … Read More

How The Spine & Sports Health Center’s Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Programs Can Help You Recover From a Sports Injury or Pain

Are you considering physical therapy or a sports rehabilitation program to help you overcome a sports injury or pain?


As physical therapists that have treated many athletes at our office in Hoboken, NJ, Jersey City and Bayonne offices, we know that the road to getting more physically fit, preparing for your next half marathon, etc., can take a tremendous toll on your body. While you might think that plenty of rest, ice or heat may help to heal … Read More

What’s an Epidural Steroid Injection and How Can It Help to Provide Pain Relief?

If you suffer from moderate to severe lower back pain or sciatica, there are a variety of treatment options and procedures available to help you find relief. One common, successful, and non-surgical procedure we offer here at The Spine & Sports Health Center to help patients find relief is an epidural steroid injection (ESI).
What’s an epidural steroid injection?
For over six decades, pain management and orthopedic doctors have used epidural steroid injections to relieve the pain of pinched nerves … Read More

Overcome a Serious Sports Injury or Pain at Our New Sports Therapy and Rehab Center

Are you an athlete experiencing chronic pain on and off the field? Are you suffering from a major knee or calf injury much like the New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz suffered from in 2014 and 2015?
If you aren’t familiar with Cruz, who was an undrafted rookie and once one of the National Football League’s (NFL) best receivers, he first suffered a terrible right knee injury (torn patellar tendon) on October 12, 2014, during a game against the … Read More

Find Relief from Chronic Low Back and Leg Pain with Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)

Do you suffer from chronic low back and leg pain, and find little relief from your pain with physical therapy, medication or injections? Have you had spinal surgery but still experience pain?
If so, you may qualify for spinal cord stimulation (SCS), a treatment that uses gentle electrical pulses sent to the spine to prevent pain signals from being received by the brain.
How This Treatment Works
Just like every other pain treatment option, you will be required to schedule … Read More

The Spine & Sports Health Center’s New Office in Hoboken is Officially Open for Business!

Summer 2016 has been a big and eventful season for us here at The Spine & Sports Health Center. Not only are we busy with patients, but we recently opened our new and gorgeous 4,000 square foot office in the beautiful and bustling city of Hoboken, New Jersey!

Nothing Short of a State-Of-The-Art Facility

Our new office is located within Suite C208 of the Monroe Center, a premier business community known for its lofts and studios that boast hardwood … Read More

How Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) Can Help You Find Relief from Chronic Neck and Low Back Pain

Here at The Spine & Sports Health Center, we seek to maximize the recovery of patients by using today’s most advanced, non-surgical procedures. In fact, we bring the latest innovative treatment solutions to our patients looking for not only relief, but a return to an active lifestyle!

One procedure that has been shown to provide many of our patients with relief from chronic neck and low back pain is Radiofrequency ablation (RFA).

What is Radiofrequency ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation is … Read More