Caety Tolerico

Director of Marketing

Caety Tolerico

Oftentimes, patients are under the wrong impression that they need to live in pain and suffer through daily activities... and life. As the Director of Marketing, it is Caety's job to make sure that every patient knows that they have options and that they don't need to live in pain.

Caety oversees the marketing department and curates all of the content for digital and print advertisements, public relations, community outreach and sponsorships, social media engagement, patient educational materials, community connections, and more. She works tirelessly to ensure that our important message reaches our community.

She can be found running between our three offices: directing photoshoots, updating signage, chatting with our social media followers, brainstorming new ways to be more active within our Hudson County community, and everything in between. You have probably seen her in one of our offices, with a coffee in one hand and a piece of candy in the other!


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology & Business, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania

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