Kathleen Marsh, MS, LAc, Licensed Acupuncturist

Kathleen Marsh is our licensed acupuncturist and has been practicing acupuncture for over 14 years.  She is nationally board-certified and licensed in both NJ and NY, with extensive knowledge of both traditional oriental medicine and western biosciences.  She has a most well-rounded background as well, with advanced, on-going training in pain management, nutrition, and infertility.   Kathleen is a strong believer in both Eastern and Western practices and philosophies.  She sees a broad range of patients and conditions and finds that a comprehensive approach is the best way for her patients to find optimal health and recovery.  She treats and advises her patients so that they may help themselves achieve balance and a sense of well-being in their lives.
Outside the office, Kathleen is an avid cyclist, hiker, and skier.  She has also lived/practiced in Argentina and Guatemala, and done volunteer acupuncture in Indonesia, Malaysia and Nicaragua.