John De Hoyos, DPT

Physical Therapist

John De Hoyos, DPT LICENSE: 40QA01237600

Dr. John De Hoyos Graduated from Midwestern University, in Illinois, in 2005, where he began gaining experience as physical therapist in a variety of settings, working with a wide spectrum of clients with different orthopedic conditions.

He is a recognized healthcare professional, who, for over 18 years, has treated patients on multiple health care levels, in hospital organizations and outpatient clinical care, with issues such as movement disorders, sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, and pain management.

Through his years of experience, he has developed his own approach to wellness that highlights the fact that physical therapy care requires investing time on each patient, striving to know and understand their need for recovery, their health and fitness goals, and what outcomes they wish to see at the end of their treatment. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. De Hoyos offers patients guidance on how to start their own customized exercise program, tracks each patient’s progress from the initial evaluation to each re-examination and sets functional goals for each individual according to their functional limitations, keeping in mind the optimization of their outcome.

Dr. De Hoyos joined the Spine and sports Health Center, as a full time Physical Therapist, in 2010, he helped establish our Jersey City outpatient Physical Therapy clinic at its first location back then. In February of this year (2023), again, he was designated as the lead Physical Therapist when our new PT clinic opened doors in Bayonne, NJ where he currently works with patient in need of Physical Therapy services.

In his spare time, Dr. John De Hoyos enjoys spending time with family and friends, and staying active by doing home gardening and walking his dog Nicholas every day as well as working out at his home gym.

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