Somatic Dysfunction

Somatic dysfunction is any altered function or impairment of the body’s framework, including bones, joints, muscles, and fascia (connective tissue). Anyone can develop this condition, which can affect blood supply, lymph flow, and nerve function. Somatic dysfunction is a functional impairment, which develops from a mechanical restriction, followed by increased muscle tone or spasm. This is different from soft tissue injuries, like sprains and strains, which develop from an injury, followed by a mechanical restriction.

There are two types of somatic dysfunction, which target the thoracic (upper, middle back) and lumbar (lower back) vertebrae.

  • Type 1, a group dysfunction (affecting three or more vertebrae), involves the vertebrae being neutral in the sagittal plane, which divides the body into left and right sections. They’re bent on the side and rotated in opposite directions.
  • Type II, a single segmental dysfunction (one vertebra), involves significant flexing or extension. The vertebra is bent on the side and rotated in the same direction.

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