Richard Tashjian, DC


Richard Tashjian, DC LICENSE: 38MC00259800

Dr. Richard Tashjian is a board-certified chiropractor with over 37 years of experience helping patients find pain relief from a variety of ailments, injuries, and conditions. He helps diagnose and treat all types of soft tissue symptoms, relying on his years of experience, knowledge, and expertise.

Dr. Tashjian is passionate about helping patients find relief naturally, using various manipulative and muscle release techniques. In his decades of experience, Dr. Tashjian has worked with patients of all ages and backgrounds. His holistic approach takes into account his knowledge of everything from rehabilitation to nutrition to sports medicine. Most importantly, he takes the time to listen to his patients’ individual backgrounds, histories, lifestyles, and goals.

Patients love his optimism, patience, and trusting demeanor.

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Medical Education

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), National College of Chiropractic, Illinois

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